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Happy 32nd(33rd) birthday Supreme T, leader of the most epic group Epik High!

You may be getting older but one thing is for sure , your music is ageless.
thank you for creating Epik High along with the other members Dj Tukutz and Mithra Jin, i’m pretty sure without it i, and other fans wouldn’t be the same as we are today.
Your music has helped healed so many souls that were hurt, has helped individuals who were once lost find their path in life once again. It has taught us to keep living, to keep breathing and if we fail at something try again because there are so many aspects in life that are worth living for and the challenges that come our way will in the end only make us stronger.
Sure i haven’t known you or Epik High since 2003 i was young then and if i heard your music i probably wouldn’t understand it at all since i was only 8 years old lol.

Like many fans i first heard your music when starting high school, the time where individuals start shaping themselves for better or for worse.
Currently i’m in my final year of schooling and hoping to attend university next year  because i finally have found my own dream, found the purpose of my life thanks to you.
There were many times when i thought my dreams weren’t worth it that it would be impossible for a person like me to achieve them simply because i  didn’t have enough confidence. But once i heard Epik High’s songs like “fallen blossoms” “hardships” “lesson 1” “dear me ” “Soul” “fly” “Run” “ignition” and so much more i found myself a totally new person filled with ambitions, it didn’t matter whether or not they could be achieved or not they filled me up, i became a more confident person, a more happier person, i also started to realise that the people around me were in the same slump i was in before so i offered them quotes through your songs and they themselves have also said that they’ve become happier.

Like a smile, your music is being passed on through fans all over the world, and like myself i’m sure we’re all eternally grateful for what your music has done for us.

Like our smiles , i hope through fans you may also find happiness - although we cannot offer you much we’re always here for you ((although this may sound stalkerish lol)) we’re like the birds in the sky watching over you hoping all the best.

Thank you for breathing , may your dream never die High Skools love love love Epik High , may today be your day of peace!
Epik High’s music has given us fans ignition to run till our hearts are filled with our dreams, the music is our mental paris where the lyrics and beats are the one.
You are our star, and we’re your fans - may you have the most Epi(k) birthday out there! 
Have a #happybloday :3 

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